Custom Packaging

Distinct Specialized Innovative Custom Packaging – Quick to Market

Setting your Brand apart increasing the end customer experience with customized packaging solutions
Develop packaging that will set your brand apart from the competition and create a point of difference on the shelf. We’ll help you build your own concept of Brand recognition that moves off the shelf. Yes? Now what? Is it affordable?

West Coast Container and our affiliate design and engineering group are available to design innovative container ideas, create CAD drawings, and manufacture custom containers, while your marketing department works to develop an exceptional look and campaign for your product, all within an affordable price.

Bottles, jars and cans are fair game. We can do embossed text, unique bottle shapes, sizes, customized patterns and top off you’re your creation with an original closure too. Differentiate your packaging so that your brand is immediately recognizable.

We have succeeded in producing bottles that were so complicated and challenging that other vendors didn’t even dare to take on the project. We have done it before and we will do it again and again. Contact us today to discover how affordable custom-designed packaging really is.